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""A place where shepherds meet with the Word, 

Where God's flock is watered & fed, Where the Gospel

created before the foundations of the Earth is preached;

A Haven of Rest for Refreshing or a Restoration

in the Time of  your needs!"  ><>

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P. O. Box 110996

Aurora, Colorado 80042  USA


FAX: 303-344-0090

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                                MISSION STATEMENT

          You and I, together with millions, are experiencing the most  


important, awesome event of all God's Creation, predestinated before 



the Foundations of the Earth!  This miraculous event is the Restoration



and Building of the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ which is the New



Testament Church! Before time began, The LORD GOD began to set His



Plan for Man into action wherein Jesus, the Son of God, completes His



bodily ministry here on Earth and then departs to be with the Father again.



Then God, The Holy Spirit, is sent to be with us by the Father God, to be



upon us by His Spirit and in us as the Christ of Glory!  Before His departure,



Jesus carefully revealed to the disciples that they would be the beginning of



the New Testament Church made from His broken Body, given to them and



for them, and to all, as many who may come to receive Him as Lord and



Savior!  His Church as was foreordained before the foundations of the



Earth would increase by Him, just as He said, upon this Rock I will build



My Church!  Yes, He would build upon the Incomparable, Eternal Christ,



the revealed Rock of all Ages, Christ the Hope of Glory, wherein He remains



even now as the Living Builder. This Revelation Message is meant to be



preached unto all the Earth, to every Nation, to all Tribes and to the people



in all generations to come. 


    After teaching and revealing the Kingdom of Heaven  for about three

and a half years, Jesus gave this command at the time of His ascending to

the Father:



     "And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been

       given to Me in Heaven and on earth. 19  Go therefore and make disciples

       of all the nationalities, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of

       the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20  teaching them to observe all things

       that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always,

       even to the end of the age."   Matthew 28:18-20





Topic Directory 

 Flash News & Views is a New series of Current News events.

(15) The Sum of Xmas Birthday is a light prose of a Most Important Day.

(14)  Pandemic Change is about the present day shaking of People and Nations, the Economic stress and Bondages of Egypt that continue to distress and depress America, even showing the simple answer to National Problems!  It's long but worth a good reading!

(13) Registration We would be greatly honored to know you. We want a fellowship connection with you!  Would you please sign in with this basic info? A Confirmation is being prepared, check later, OK?

(12) Independence is about the "Lady" who has been with us since the beginning of time.  Can you love her, desire her, believe her and cling to her?

(11) Jacob's Ladder tells us how to reach Heaven and return to Earth as we see the Lord face to face with the angels.

(10) Introduction to Eternal Life is an experience in meeting a certain man among the tombs!

(9) Man Sins is a revealing view of what we are and how we got that way, and God didn't do it!

(8) Penalized for Sin is an expose` of wages of sin never

before expounded upon.

(7) God Curses is addressed as an Issue of importance to every believer and the Church.

(6) Join Us - Ministry is outreach with the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus to all peoples, tribes and nations & making disciples!

(5) Join Us - Communication is all about our sharing via phone, face, e-mail, letter, social nets & personal visits w/Associates.

4) Join Us - Friendship is still inviting you to be an Associate while finding and building warm friendships.

(3) Join Us - Fellowship is an Invitation & more info about our mutual and common purpose.

(2) Associates are all persons in Gospel Ministry or Leaders given in an Index for Location & Church.

(1) The birth of Jesus at little Bethlehem revealed by an angel to the shepherds in the fields tending their flocks while the Glory of God shone upon them! (See Luke 2:1-20)


                  Ministry Statement



This publication is through the offices of Apostle


and Pastor as Anointed Ministry Offices of Christ

in  the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  These

five Ministries are the Foundation, the Pillars and

the Framework for the Strength of the Church:

   "And He Himself gave some to be apostles,

some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors

and teachers, 12 for the equipping of the saints, for

the work of ministry, for the edifying of

the body of Christ,..."  (Eph 4:11-12)

     Generally, Scripture references are from the

New King James Version of the Bible and at times

other translations or versions are used for further

clarity of the Word of God. As we progress in our

understanding you will see striking examples of

God's awesome, warm love for His Body through....

"the Hand of God upon His Church."
><>  ><>  ><>                                       

Some New Pages:   (Those Coming Soon!)

   Koinonia | Ministries Lost |Bread Crumbs| Pandemic Changes  

  Penalized | The Highest Offering |  Thought| The Seed | 

 The Second Coming |The Foundation of the Apostle|

  Who is this Jesus Christ? | It's the Bloody Deuce!|



   A Properly Seasoned New Website

To Honor the Word,

 To Have the Mind of Christ,

To Bless You with Assuredness,

To keep You in the Love of God,

To Open the Door of Heaven for

Your Eternal Life and Your Enjoyment!

Note:  The Pandemic Changes is a brand new page.  Read it carefully 'cause it tells where we are as a Nation and where we may go and how to get there!

WAMI News Flash and Views has been added as late breaking news is being released with editorial comment and Views about its effect on all of us.

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